HARD Fm Caning and paddling.

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Mike clutches his burning extremely sore well spanked bottom.

Mike bends over,bottom bare and vulnerable to a painful caning he is sure to never forget at the hands of the beautiful and strict Miss Pandora Blake.

Mike Pain visits femdom clubs when his wife is away. During a casual chat, Pandora Blake discovers his penchant for fetish when she finds he’s wearing a BDSM chest harness and collar beneath his smart shirt.

Mike’s wife asks Pandora to punish him, and she rises to the challenge with gleeful enthusiasm. Beginning with some verbal humiliation and a hard spanking with the paddle and strap, she builds up to a harsh climax – eighteen severe strokes with the cane.

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Kade has not been doing what his mom wants him to and she is fed up with him. So right there in the kitchen, she puts him over her knee for a long, hard painful spanking. She even uses a wooden spoon to drive the lesson home. When she’s finished, he does the dishes as told.

Mummy Clare makes her naughty little boy squirm over her knees as she wallops his butt cheeks all over over and over again hard!

Kade wriggles and cries as his bottom starts to sting REAL BAD!!!!..“.Noooooo Mummy Please stop!!!!”

Mummy Clare is only going to stop smacking her sons bottom when she is satisfied it is red and sore enough:)




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Two young lovers determine who really wears the pants in their relationship in this fun and sexy gallery from Clare Spanks Men.

The slap-happy photo set features spanking model Lily Anna putting male sub Kade over her toned and tan gams. “Lily is delightfully vicious,” producer Clare Fonda says.

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