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Gigi Allens is a gorgeous Australian supermodel not to be messed with!!

She has a mighty swing and knows how to turn a naughty mans bare butt a deep red with her heavy solid hairbrush!!

You will thanks her for every painful smack she plants on your reddening bottom!!

Tall Australian beauty Gigi Allens is a strict fitness trainer who puts up with no slackards on St. Patrick’s Day. She has ordered this guy to workout and stop eating badly, and because he didn’t, she puts him over her knee for a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush. (see episode page)

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Gorgeous Penthouse Pet of the year Jenna Rose mixes beauty with strength and rage as she disciplines her bad boyfriend hard and with fury spanks.

His sister has been spanking him when he misbehaved, and now that dominant woman duty has been passed along to Jenna. And when he is late and dressed badly for their date, Jenna puts him over her knee for a long hard spanking with her hand and a large wooden bath brush that he will never ever forget. YEOUCH!

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The Stableboy is a classic British 1930s punishment scenario in which a male farmhand is whipped by the master and mistress of the house.

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The stableboy is caught returning after an unauthorised ride into town to visit a lady friend. He is ordered to go inside, arrange the chaise in the middle of the floor, place a cushion over the end, take the family strap down from its hook and wait there. 


Michael obeys, shaking with nerves. Once the mistress has worked out her anger with the strap, the master takes over. He applies a few strokes with the riding crop, giving the boy a taste of the sensation, before sentencing him to ten hard strokes.


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Alexis Spanks Boyfriend at Office

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POW OW!!!! Alexis gets her bad boyfriend over her knees and smacks his naked bottom like a naughty little boy till she knows he is sorry and his butt is RED!

The very tall, stunning and dominant Alexis Grace has hired her boyfriend Bradly King to work at the office for her. When he slacks off, she has no recourse but to put him over her knee for a long, hard spanking to put him in his place and turn his cheeks rosy red.

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