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SEVERE F/m Caning punishment bare bottom

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John Clutches his aching,BURNING STRIPED DEEP RED bottom! He won’t be sitting down for at least a week.


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You don’t have to be a schoolboy to get spanked by the headmistress. In his début film, distinguished Sir John makes a serious mistake when he angers Molly Malone. Can she really insist that the Chair of the Governors goes over her knee for a bare bottom spanking?

Oh yes, and much more besides. She also insists that he submit to the same bare bottom caning she’d use to discipline her unruly students. And as the crime is so severe, it warrants a severe caning to match.

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Sexy Sadie likes to spank rat bag boys HARD!!!

Do you dare go over her knee?

005Sadie Holmes is back as the strict tutor who spanks college boys. She lectures him, puts him over her knee and spanks him long and hard with her hand and a paddle, telling him over and over again how his sister agreed that spankings are what will keep him in order. And he shouldn’t ever cheat on a test! (see episode page)

How badly would you like to be bottom bare getting  spanked hard and fast as you wiggle and squirm over her knees? would you cry when she makes your bottom sting?

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Mother Spanks her son Kade Day 1

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Kade strict Momma gives him a long overdue bare butt hand spanking!!

In a new series, Clare Fonda is back as a young mother spanking her son for the first time in a long time. Kade has not being doing his part in taking care of the dog, among other offenses and Mom Clare feels it is time to do something she hasn’t had to do to him in years, put him over her knee for a sound spanking.

Mummy Clare makes her naughty little boy squirm over her knees as she wallops his butt cheeks all over over and over again hard!

Kade wriggles and cries as his bottom starts to sting REAL BAD!!!!..“.Noooooo Mummy Please stop!!!!”

Mummy Clare is only going to stop smacking her sons bottom when she is satisfied it is red and sore enough:)




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John is humiliated,spanked and fucked and he deserves it all:)

Kaylee came home to find her neighbor John sniffing her panties, so instead of calling the cops, she wanted to teach him a lesson! She first bends him over and spanks his sorry bareass, then she then gets him and herself undressed and shoves her strapon down his throat.

Kaylee bends him over and shoves it deep into his tight virgin man ass. Watch the entire video too see what all she does to this poor panties snifter named John!

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