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Chloe Love is Student of Pain

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Chloe love is a little lady who spanks HARD OH YES)

Chloe Love plays a student who is ordered by her teacher to show up to his office wearing only a bra and panties. But the dean saw her in the hallway. So now Chloe demands to spank her male  teacher, right there in his office, unless he wants her to tell the dean what is up. She packs a powerful punch and even brought a wooden paddle and the sexy girl does not stop smacking his bare bottom cheeks till they are very sore indeed.

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Allison Tyler is in charge

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Allison is hot as hell,busty,tall bodacious and a seriously hard spanker!

The tall girl wallops his bottom hard with a solid paddle,ouch!

Allison Tyler is in charge of weighing in volleyball camp participants. When she finds that one of her charges is 10 pounds over his expected wait, this tall beauty puts him over her knee for a hard hand and wooden paddle spanking to teach him a lesson. Allison is over 6ft tall with powerful legs and arms and really knows how to hurt a guy. Especially if he checks in over weight. (see episode page)

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