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Two young lovers determine who really wears the pants in their relationship in this fun and sexy gallery from Clare Spanks Men.

The slap-happy photo set features spanking model Lily Anna putting male sub Kade over her toned and tan gams. “Lily is delightfully vicious,” producer Clare Fonda says.

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Alexis spanks her Boyfriend Bradley hard

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Tall beauty Alexis Grace has a new boyfriend, Bradly King. Seems like he is a bit lazy, doesn’t have a job, so she tells him to clean up the messy house while she is away at work. When she gets home and finds that he has done nothing, she decides to discipline like a child.

She bends him over in the kitchen and spanks him with her hand and a spatula till his entire bare bottom is flaming red and very VERY SORE!!!.

This is Bradly’s first ever spanking scene and he was shocked by how hard Alexis can spank.

The naughty man could not stand the pain of her forceful very hard spanks that she lay upon his naked bum over and over again till his cheeks were throbbing in absolute agony!

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