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Strict and beautiful Pandora Blake has house boy brat Tai at her mercy!

The strict beauty gives him the spanking of his life,even his back is not spared from a reddening!

“So, how would someone punish you?” asks Pandora Blake, as her prospective houseboy – queer performer Tai Crimson – kneels before her. When she orders him to strip naked, his solid erection shows just how keen he is to please.

He submits to a hard flogging, his whipped back turning red almost immediately. Then the paddle, a hand spanking, and the belt – each makes Tai wiggle his naked bottom as if inviting more. Will he earn his collar?


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This bare bottom spanking scene gives an intimate glimpse into the playful relationship of real couple Talia Lane and David Weston. Given the opportunity to enjoy a huge hot tub full of bubbles, the pair strip off and dive in.

David and Talia take it in turns to spank each other in the bath ­- rubbing bubbles over each other’s bums and delivering wet, sensuous spankings until they’re each glowing red. A romantic switch scene with a gorgeous couple – what better way to mark Valentine’s Day?

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The Baroness spanks her New Houseboy

Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy005Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy010 Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy019 Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy021Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy032Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy033Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy040Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy044Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy047Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy056 Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy057 Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy072 Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy073 Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy081 Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy084 Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy102Dreams-of-Spanking_baroness-houseboy104

Beautiful strict ladies tie up the house boy and spank his naked bottom as hard and as long as they wish to!


The Baroness is expanding her household, and her girls are brought in to help initiate the new houseboy. The ladies inspect his physique and his capacity to take punishment without complaint. Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind Will in a flattering tie that accentuates his toned buttocks, and Caroline and the Baroness both take a turn spanking him with hand and leather strap to see how he reacts.

It seems that the new boy meets the Baroness’ high standards, as finally she instructs Amelia to tie him to the coffee table as a decorative ornament, with his reddened bottom on display for all the house to see.

A humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking for a very naughty houseboy at the hands of 2 beautiful girls.

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