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over her knee

A already tender and sore bottom doesn’t stop Jenna’s as she shows no mercy when she paddles a naughty man till he can not stand it!

Jenna Sativa is a cute, fiery Latino who has no tolerance for naughty Men.

Would you want Jenna to be your Boss?If she was your butt would be red every time you annoyed her, and this girl gets annoyed very easily:-)

Jenna Sativa is the manager of a cooking show. When the cameraman forgets to hit the record button, Jenna has to teach him a lesson with a sound spanking right in the Chef’s dressing room. Previously, the Chef had spanked him and Jenna gives him the paddle over his already sore bottom.

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The Supreme Spanking

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The supreme Being will spank your ass supremely hard and supremely fast till your butt suffers long over her knee.

Every supreme wallop will make you jump!!!

The Supreme Being stops this man (in POV style) from doing any more robberies by spanking him long and hard with hand and paddle. This fantasy is a little less domestic than the usual scene, but it offers something for our superheroine/spanking fans. Introduces Ingrid Mouth. (see episode page)

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Get over her knee NOW bad boy!!! How dare you grab her bottom!!! You are really in for a hard spanking,OH YES YOU ARE!

Two tall, dominant and sexy office workers Snow Mercy and Alexis Grace are tired of their boss’s antics. When he pitches Alexis’ bottom, they decide to put him over each one of their knees for a hard spanking, with hand, hairbrush and wooden paddle, lecturing and humiliating him all the while. (see episode page)

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Sadie Teaches Volleyball Lesson


Sadie will take you across her knees,bare your entire bottom then smack you very hard with her hand till you are begging for mercy!!! Your bottom will be throbbing and red as a firetruck once she is through with you!

You will imagine she is spanking your bottom and making it very sore!!


Sadie is strict and Fierce as she wields her spanking implements!

She loves to see a mans bottom turn red before her eyes as she lays down the smacks with her solid paddle!

Sadie Holmes is a feisty volleyball player at a camp where some guy is hitting on her. So as per the camp counselor’s suggestion, Sadie puts him over her knee (in POV fashion) and spanks him hard to teach him a lesson – you don’t hit on Sadie or any camp participant. (see episode page)

Real Femdom spanking!

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