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HARD Fm Caning and paddling.

Dreams-of-Spanking_mikes-secret004 Dreams-of-Spanking_mikes-secret007 Dreams-of-Spanking_mikes-secret015 femdom spanking spanking femdom fm spanking fmspanking fm spankings

Mike clutches his burning extremely sore well spanked bottom.

Mike bends over,bottom bare and vulnerable to a painful caning he is sure to never forget at the hands of the beautiful and strict Miss Pandora Blake.

Mike Pain visits femdom clubs when his wife is away. During a casual chat, Pandora Blake discovers his penchant for fetish when she finds he’s wearing a BDSM chest harness and collar beneath his smart shirt.

Mike’s wife asks Pandora to punish him, and she rises to the challenge with gleeful enthusiasm. Beginning with some verbal humiliation and a hard spanking with the paddle and strap, she builds up to a harsh climax – eighteen severe strokes with the cane.

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The Schoolgirl’s Revenge,strict F/m caning

schoolgirl slipperring Leia Ann Woods bend over for a slipper spanking Dreams-of-Spanking_schoolgirls-strict Femdom F/M Spanking Dreams-of-Spanking_cross dressing-humiliation-f/m spanking Dreams-of-Spanking_schoolgirls-harsh-f/m caning Dreams-of-Spanking_schoolgirls-strict F/M caning punishment Dreams-of-Spanking_schoolgirls-F/M STRAPPING

A caning so hard it draws blood!

Schoolgirl cross-dressing, humiliation, and a harsh caning: Molly Malone wants payback. She blackmails her sadistic old headmaster, John Beecroft and seeks sweet revenge for the way he punished her all those years ago.

John has no choice but to submit as Molly makes him cross-dress in a schoolgirl’s uniform. In white gym knickers and a school skirt, he has to bend over the spanking bench for a firm hand spanking, the slipper and leather belt. The final humiliation from an angry, triumphant Molly is six of the best with the cane.

Just watch it if you are a fan of HOT and severe F/m spanking!!!! This video contains so many of the school scene hot buttons. School uniforms, authority, barked commands, the slipper…and so much more!

“Discipline’s just what you need.”

“This will hurt me more than it hurts you.”

“The last stroke is always the hardest.”

As for revenge – she makes sure she milks every last drop of satisfaction out of the experience, and delights in every cry of pain when she administers six vicious cane strokes….(Pandora Blake’s own words)

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Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother spanks her stepson